Find & Take your Path in Life


When the need for course guidance arises, or when you question a career change, the possibilities are quite limited as you will be fitted into a box and expected to stick with it for a lot of very logical reasons. But what about your affinities?

Using your Clifton Strengths assessment results, we will:
- clear up your most natural ways of taking on a challenge;
- explore the type of projects that would be your niche;
- cross these findings with your passions and interests;
- define a career project matching your wants, talents and the current market;
- make sure that you have or know where to find the ressources to generate your success.

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This bundle includes:
- one CliftonStrengths® 34 access code (value: 67€);
- a two hours session to dive into your Top10;
- one session on "Managing lesser Talents";
- one session "My field, my harvest" to center your career project;
- a one hour follow-up session.

The session may take place online (Google Meet) or in person at the Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines office (68, France).
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Every year, the Clifton Strengths evaluation allows thousands of people to dare engage in their professional projects. It has been taken by more than 23 million people worldwide and is a tool for positive change.

As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, I bring you a deeper understanding of your results. I can help you with:
- Increasing self-confidence
- Understanding how others function and optimising your interactions
- Communicating more efficently 
- Turning your (so-called) flaws into actual strengths
- Knowing what to say at a job interview and supporting these claims
- Finding your IKIGAI (life purpose)
- Being able to define your needs to your managers / coworkers in order to be more efficient and engaged
- Daring to choose a job that makes you happy and seems easier for you

Of course, your report might show the fact that you have aready read all in detail before the session. If that is the case, it will allow for a deeper dive into the CS Themes to quench your thirst for knowledge.


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