These terms apply to business relationships between the company called IDJY E.U.R.L. located at 65 Echery - F-68160 Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines - FRANCE, registered at R.C.S. COLMAR TI 533 864 716 00030, below mentioned as "IDJY" and the clients of the online shop hosted at, below mentioned as "the client" or "you". And please bear with me: English is not my mother-tongue.

By validating the order, the client declares to accept fully these terms of sales (just in cas you forgot you actually ticked the box). Yes, you have to read them BEFORE and no need to complain later if you did not (if you are reading them now, you're so cool!).

Placing an order

The client places the order by clicking "Add to basket". This action implies the client read the product details (size, colour, material, technical specs...) and is fully OK with them. There are enough details in the FAQ for you not to order the wrong size - you can even write and ask us if you need to.

The order is valid once the client reaches the end of the payment process. A confirmation email is automatically sent to the given email address; immediately for credit card payment, or when the wire-tranfer or Paypal transfer is received.

The automatic recording systems of the IDJY shop are considered proof of nature, content and date of order. Any order above 500€ (Tax included - except for Services) will require the client to print the invoice and sign it. The client will have to send it to us, and enclose printed and signed Terms of Sales too. If not, the order will be cancelled. It's long, but the merch uis worth it, isnt'it?

Special orders

A client ordering a special, meaning a design that is not presented by IDJY on the online shop, declares to own the rights to use given design for this purpose. IDJY cannot be held responsible for copyright infringement regarding the designs in the "Special orders" category of the e-shop.

The client declares IDJY is not liable in case of illegal use of a design or brand material.
Special Orders dot not qualify for Legal Withdrawal procedure.

Licensing agreements

IDJY works with several artists who licensed their intellectual property for the current use made by the company.

If you own intellectual property presented on this website without your consent (besides Special orders), please phone immediately Eve GALLOIS before starting any time & money-consuming procedure.

Services and coaching

A 14 days period of withdrawal apply to purchasing Services and Coaching. Thus the Client needs to wait for 14 days before using the Service pruchased.

The Client can decide to book an appointment within the 14 days after purchase. In this case, they renounce the right of withdrawal; it can however be used up to 48hrs prior to the appointment.

In this case, thank you for adivising me through email or phone as well as written letter. 

A Service that has been partially used is not eligible for refund. Packs (several session at a discounted price), the Client can ask for a refund of the unused sessions. In this case, the refund will be calculated based on the price of single sessions (Example: for a 5-sessions pack at 450€, with the signle-session prices at 100€, a client who used 2 session will get a refund of 250€ for 3 unused sessions).

An appointment booked on the online schedule can be cancelled or postponed up to 3 days in advance, directly on the booking platform.


You can pay your order through:

- Credit card (Visa or Mastercard) via Braintree (Paypal) secure terminal

- Paypal

- Wire-transfer to IDJY's bank account (IBAN in the confirmation email or upon asking using our contact form)


All prices are shown with taxes included (20% V.A.T.) in €uro. They do not include postage fees, otherwise specified.

Prices may vary and the price specified on your order recap (received by email or in your Client's account) is the right one. No complain can be made about a price changing after an order has been validated. I'm the Boss, so I can change the price anytime, as long as I don't do it because I like the client or not, hey!

Order preparation

Aside from any special event, orders are prepared from Monday to Friday. Schedule depends on partying. We are quite careful.

Orders placed before 3pm (Paris time) usually ship on the same day.

Sewing is made in a non-smoking environment. There are cats.

Out-of-offices-thx-byes are listed in the News section on the main page.

Temporarily out of stock

If any item shall be back in stock soon, the date will be precised on the product sheet.

Some items are made to order. If so, you can make a purchase. Aside from material shortage, they will ship in the next 3 days.


You will choose the delivery method before validating the order. All the details are precised at that point. If you wish to change the delivery method, use the Contact form within 15 min of placing your order.

Please see the Dedicated Info Sheet for more on delivery.


You have a legal 14 days after receipt of your order (date of delivery from tracking) to return an item. This does not apply to custom-made items - please contact us if there is an issue. The postage fees for the return are paid by the Client, and the item must be in mint condition and fully-packed, with a signed copy of the invoice.

For accounting matters, you will get a voucher for the amount of the produt. It has a validity of 1 year. If you want a refund, pleas e write that on the signed invoice. If the amount is over 30€ (incl. V.A.T.) we will need confirmation of Paypal debit before transfering the money back.

Warranty and after-sales service

For all sewn items, please contact us.

For the rest, if you notice a fault at unpacking, you get it replaced (except for unique or last items).

Please contact us BEFORE sending the item back.

Using and storing your data

We need some of the Client's data to process the order (address, email and phone). This data is kept internally and should not get out (except if someone steals the computer or Czechoslovakian secret services hack it).

This website uses cookies to provide optimum shopping experience (that is pure technical gibberish so I'll admit I do what Prestashop says to) - you accept them by clicking on the info-bar at first visit.

You can modify or delete your data at any time through your client's account. Or message us through the contact form and we do it.

Payment-related data is not stored by IDJY (except proofs of transaction).


We have a mediator but I am not sure you can use their service from abroad.

The tribunal of Colmar is the only one competent to deal with disputes involving IDJY, or its content. Well, it would be way cooler to hail us before so we can parley. French Law applies.

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