Statement of Intent

Nowadays the world likes labelling people. It feels reassuring to put everything in boxes... but what can you do with those people who think outside the box ?

As a "multipotentials" person, I do not WANT to set limitations to my Universe becaus eI cannot (a general mental health issue).</p>

Through this website, I wish to prove the point of daring to mix passions, styles, skills...

<p I wish to be authentic, as a Human and Entrepreneur.

I wish to live from what fulfills me every day.

About us

"Us" is actually "I".

IDJY is a one-woman company, meaning I am liable for everything.

At this point, I have no employee. I tried to put the cats to work but they could not read the order-sheets.

Computer and cat

There is no physical (work)shop open to the public (yet), but we can meet on expos and festivals.

You don't get what I do?

Neither does my banker...

You probably have hobbies or passions, and maybe one of these brings cash in... same for me.

I have numerous passions and skills. To make it more authentic, and easier, I chose to put them all in one place. Being creative does not make me less able to deal in trade or organization. Versatility helps me meet my clients' needs more efficiently, sometimes getting to the root of their issue straight away.

Do not hesitate if you have questions!