[Always updating with new questions that you send us!]

 * Delivery

See the Dedicated Info Sheet.

 * International

Why is there V.A.T. if I am abroad?

20% French V.A.T. is charged for all services provided in France, which includes coaching sessions.

 * Special orders

Can I print anything, including brand logos?

No. Copyright infringement is risky, so I will not print famous logos or designs (like Disney's).

 * Products

How can I get this design in another colour?

Use the Contact form to request it be added to the option and THEN place your order.

Is this design available in sticker / flock / glitter...?

Every design is available in other materials. Proceed just like for a New Colour (see above).

Some very fine / small designs will however not work with thicker HTV; please ask.

Can I change the text or size for a design?

Yes, this becomes a Special Order. Use the contact form to inquire about it.

The modified design will be available for you ine the Special Order section. Significant changes could require an extra 10€ charge per design.

The plastic lining came off the sticky sheet. What do I do?

Keep calm. This protection is not strictly necessary; I chose to put it there to keep the sheet sticky and avoid hair, fiber and dust issues.

Please remove fibers that could get ironed under the HTV.

If you absolutely need it to stick  on the material, there is high-temperature adhesive tape available from various shops.

How do I choose the right size for a design?

See the Dedicated Info Sheet.

On which material can I iron HTV?

See the Dedicated Info Sheet.