You bought a HTV iron-on, and that's cool, thanks!

Here is how to use it without a heatpress.


  • Iron

  • Wooden board without varnish (or any smooth surface that can take the heat of an iron - not a ironing board as it actually is a grid...)

  • Teflon sheet OR baking paper OR thin cotton fabric

  • Chosen material to be printed (e.g.: T-shirt)

  • HTV design


Set iron on temperature 2 (out of 3 points), no steam

Put the material on the board

Remove the protective plastic liner (the most flexible one)

Place the design on the material, sticky-side down

Put the Teflon sheet over it

Press firmly with the iron for 5 seconds (except Special HTVs - see Dedicated Info Sheet) - the less tiring option is to hold the iron firmly and put your weight over it

Move the iron 1 cm and press again (except if the sole has no holes) because where there is a hole there is no heat so it won't stick...

Wait for it to cooldown (you can place the plastic sheet against a cold surface to go faster)

Carefully remove the plastic sheet: if the vinyl does not stick to the material, juste put the plastic back on and iron once more

Turn the material inside-out

Iron the area on the inside, pressing firmly

The stitch or the fabric should now show through the smooth surface of the HTV (so it does not look like plastic)


Wait 24hrs before washing, so the glue really sets

Wash 30-40°C

Iron inside-out

Do not bleach

Do not tumble-dry