Herebelow are the technical elements for a perfect ironing of heat transfer vinyl.

Type of HTV Temperature Duration

Premium HTV 

That is the HTV I use by default.

Pose de flex


5 sec.
Glitter HTV

Fer à repasser


10 sec.
Special effects HTV



10 sec.
Flock (velvet touch)

Repasser du flex au fer


15 sec.

Do not hesitate to lower the temperature and press longer.

With a heatpress, once is enough. With an iron, you will need several pressings to cover the whole design.

Ironing back and forth is pointless if you do not put your weith on the iron.

HTV is properly pressed when you see the texture of the fabric through; if it is completely smooth, turn the fabric inside-out and iron from behind: this should be enough.

Wait for the plastic to feel cool (at least skin temperature) before removing the carrier sheet (hard transparent plastic).