If you wish to order from / get a delivery to a country that is not in the list, please send me a message BEFORE PLACING THE ORDER and I will see how to proceed.

I chose to send all my products with tracking. It is a bit more expensive but at least you know it is already (or not) in your mailbox before starting the investigation about the eventual disappearance of your order...

I also offer a "Signe for upon receipt" option, which is even safer. It is mandatory for orders over 100€.

I reserve the right to adapt the delivery method if the option you chose is not adapted to the item (specifically dimensions of the parcel).

The difference in price will have no repercussion if less than 8€ (taxes incl.),  upon agreement.

If you chose pick-up delivery by mistake, I will indicate you the amount of postage fee to pay through the eShop.

Delivery time

The delivery time is indicated as "once the parcel is given to the carrier".

Add to this manufacturing time (1 working day) and the delivery time from my supplier (up to 5 working days).

You can contact me to check the stock before placing your order.

Free pick-up option

It is available for specific events only, as IDJY has no permanent location open to the public.

These events are listes in Ze News on theMain Page and on Facebook. Please make sure to write the name of the event in the order confirmation.

If you chose pick-up delivery by mistake, I will indicate you the amount of postage fee to pay through the eShop.

Group order

You can place a Group Order where every person places a single order and pays for it, but they are sent in one same parcel. In this case, agree in advance on who will pay the postage fees. Each person selects "Group delivery" and writes the name of the addressee in comment.
The addressee will order last and I will give them the amount of Extra postage fee to pay.


The fee includes packing, handling, postage and tracking. They are automatically calculated according to the total weight.

They will show before you validate the order.

You might find them expensive, but that is how much they cost.
I chose to keep a low margin on the products because that is how I am, and this is why I do not give boxes and envelopes for free.


The tracking number is available in your client account as soon as the order is sent out. You can click directly on the link to track it on La Poste.

Delay and complaint

If your order status is "Delivered" on La Poste's website, you have to complain directmy yo the postal service.

If there is no delivery after 4 days from sending (except force majeure) and the status is still "under way", first contact your Postal service which can give you insider information that I cannot give you.

In both cases, I cannot proceed to sending the order again (or refund) without a copy of the complaint you made to the postal service.