Coaching the Relationship of 2 (or more)


Coaching session for a group of 2 people

Duration: 2 hours
Price per person: 69€

Session in video-call. Ideally, both clients are sitting side by side with a good view of the screen and easy hearing of the coach.

Before booking this coaching session, a Discovery Session with both clients is mandatory. Please TEXT or WhatsApp to +33 612 88 38 36 to make the appointment. You can also use the shop's contact form.

The session will be handled by the coach most fitting the clients' needs.

Payment must be made before the session. Each client is expected to pay their own share of the session.

Still some left!

100% secure payments

The point of this coaching session is to facilitate communication and understanding between two Human beings who have expressed this need.

Exercices can be given to the coachees to be done before the next session.

A maximum of 10 sessions is allowed for a same "couple" of clients. The Coach will recommend the best time before the newt session.